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About the company Michal Kirat Jewelry Designer 

Michal Kirat Jewelry Designer is an independent jewellery design & manufacturing company among the best in Israel. It was founded by Michal Kirat, world’s leading designer in Roman glass jewelry. All of our designs are created handmade by Michal Kirat.History of the glass making

 We have been specializing for over 20 years in producing original and unique pieces in Sterling Silver and Antique Roman Glass.
This is an exclusive combination of beautiful jewelry combined with the authentic historical element of Roman Glass dating back
2000 years.
Our hand-crafted production is sold by the best and most respectable jewelry businesses in Israel, USA, EU, Australia and other countries around the globe We supply our products to the shops, galleries, museums, and boutiques, as well as to the distributors, chain stores, and other large venues.
Michal Kirat Jewelry Designer has the Roman glass pieces and jewelry checked and certified for authenticity by the best experts in the Roman glass field.
Our motto is to create an outstanding design with the use of unique materials and to make sure that they will never fail to bring a positive feedback from our customers.

You are welcome to become Michal Kirat's new customer and to discover the magic of her Artisan Roman glass jewelry designs.

Malik Kirat Michal Kirat
Marketing Director
The Artist