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Authenticity and Taking Care of the Roman glass jewellery

Authenticity certificate
Ever so often, while visiting the ancient historical sites you can find a smallish shard of Roman glass – those are not to be picked up and they belong to the land and its history.

Here is the right place to mention that all of the Roman glass pieces that Michal Kirat uses in her jewelry are purchased from the Antiquities Experts and Dealers, certified by the Israeli government. Michal Kirat Jewelry Designer has her Roman glass pieces and jewelry checked and certified by the best experts in the field.

Roman glass jewelry treatment and care

IT IS IMPORTANT not to expose Roman glass jewelry to moisture and cleaning liquids. The Roman glass may change in tones or lose some of its iridescent appearances.

First of all – Roman Glass itself shouldn’t need any cleaning. Whatever changes it may undergo – it is a natural process and a non-reversible too.

The only part of the Roman glass jewelry that may be cleaned is a Sterling Silver, the cleaning should be done with special dry cloth for jewelry cleaning. Cleaning should be done more frequently than with regular jewelry, not to let the silver to become too oxidized ( black). This will allow you to be able to clean the sterling silver without the use of the cleaning liquids. 

Please remember that it took thousands of years for the Nature to transform the Roman glass into the beautiful material you see now. We would highly recommend treating and preserving our jewelry as the unique and valuable item it truly is.