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Roman glass jewelry created by
Nature and the Artist

Nature – the unsurpassed Artist.
What is no less exciting about Roman glass than the craft and secrets of its making is the transformation that happened to it while buried in the soil of Israel As you might know glass intend to break. Earthquakes happen often in this area, some of them very strong, like the one that destroyed a large number of cities and villages at the beginning of the CE. Either used and broken by people or by forces of nature shards of Roman glassware became buried and long forgotten by people. But different kind of nature forces went on working on it with great patience, slowly and gradually bringing a completely new look to the glass. Hot days and cold nights, moist winter and extremely dry summer cooked and fused some elements of Israeli soil into the body of the glass The Artist – Nature - never rested. It created a unique wrapping of many thin, iridescent layers of silica, called "patina". Each fragment of glass went through its own individual changes in color and shape.

Nature – the unsurpassed Artist
Roman glass jewelry making as a modern art.
Those who unearthed the Roman glass shards in the 1970s in Israel were amazed how beautiful it looked It was about this time when few creative designers in the Old Jaffa understood that a unique jewelry could be done using Roman glass pieces And the glass must be a centerpiece indeed.But Roman glass is a very fragile and delicate material. Very few craftsmen reached the level of Art where they gained the sensitivity and understanding of this precious gift of Nature. Just look how special the Roman glass is – the colors, the texture – it does tell its own story of the long journey (2000 years long for some ) until it has reached you. Trust Michal Kirat when she says that if you choose to get Roman glass piece – it should be for a reason. It is also a fact that today the Art of Roman glass jewelry making is a secret well kept by a small number of gifted Craftsmen.

Roman glass jewellery making as a modern art