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Winter  in the Mountains of Northern Israel

2014/15 winter is now in its full beauty. A little snow is already there, on the Hermon mountain. The flowers of Crown Anemone, Marigolds, and Wild Mustard are appearing here and there and the almond tree began to blossom, reminding us that the New Year of the Trees has arrived. Here are some of the pictures, taken during the winter season.

Hope you will enjoy it and will be curious enough to take a trip to see it with your own eyes.

 Michal and Malik Kirat


Field Marigold


Snowy Landscape North Of Israel Oak Tree Natural Forest

Snow at the Odem Forest

Green Winter Fields and Water Reservoirs on the background of the Snowy Hermon Mt. Peaks

Real Winter ...

Snow, but not for long

Crown Anemone

Crown Anemone North of  Israel

Vulture floating above the valley

Common Narcissus

Rare Iris



Persian Cyclamen growing on the Basalt Rock

Almond Tree blossoming - New Year of the Trees