Modern Art of the Roman Glass Jewelry Making


Those who unearthed the Roman glass shards in the 1970s in Israel were amazed by how beautiful they looked. It was about this time when few creative designers in the Old Jaffa understood that unique jewelry could be produced using Roman glass pieces. And the glass must be the centerpiece indeed.


Ancient Roman Glass Jewelry – An Instant Inspiration for Many, and a Delicate Art Craft of the Chosen Few. But this glass is a very fragile and delicate material. Very few craftsmen reached the level of Art when the sensitivity and understanding of this precious gift of Nature are gained. Just look how special the Roman glass is, the colors, the texture. It does tell its own story of the two millennium’s long journey until it has reached you. I work with Roman glass for the third decade, and it never fails to excite and inspire me again and again. Trust me, if you choose to get a Roman glass piece – it should be for a reason. Today the Art of Roman glass jewelry making is a secret well-kept and cherished by a small number of gifted Craftsmen.

Michal Kirat Jewelry Designer 925 Silver Roman Glass Jewelry

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