Miracles of Rain at the Sea of Galilee

It is so funny as I am writing this still wet from the surprise rain shower. It was a gamble from the very beginning to take the dog for a walk. But the dog needs it, so the walk is unavoidable. It was not a very good gamble. And what’s that sound coming now from the outside? Like gusts of wind… It turns out to be sheets of rain, followed closely to the gales of wind and some thunder.

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Judging by the Northern wind, it must be snowing on the Hermon Mt. Brand new flag, fresh from the celebration of the Israeli Golan sovereignty recognized by the United States of America,  at first is willingly following the wind. Very soon the fabric is completely soaked wet with rainwater.  We are obviously blessed with much waters from the heavens above, landing generously on the orchards, fields, forests and into the rivers small lakes and water reservoirs. It is now the 30th of March, the Sea of Galilee is above the Red drought line. Writing this, I can imagine its level slowly raising up to the Blue line which marks the goal of most prayers. The current update says Sea of Galilee is -212.15 meters below the sea level. There is a smallish island by the Southeast shore, the size of which is usually a sign of how bad the drought remains. The island is now below the water level, only the cane stalks poking up. Yes, we are certainly blessed.

So, never mind my wet closes and much-wet dog, everyone seems to be very happy. In the wilderness, the plants are outperforming themselves in height and colors. On the ground, charlock mustard will soon be competing for being a second dominating color – yellow, loosing only to the newly sprouted green. Mustard’s sweet smell is a perfume of the hour on sunset and sunrise. And it is standing about as high as I am. Every time the dog crashes running in it I am worried about snakes, who should be annoyed by the lack of warmth and the daily temperatures contrasts. The Common Giant Fennel still manages to top the mustard, its high stalks ornamented with yellow flowery crowns. As opposed to his smaller relative, Common Fennel, this one’s deadly poison one of the cattle growers seasonal enemies. No pictures from today’s walk, I should consider myself lucky for being able to hide the camera in the depth of a raincoat from the torrents of water.

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